The Colonnaden –  
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Hanseatic merchant tradition meets a venetian flair

The Colonnaden
The Colonnaden

The predominantly owner-managed shops in the Colonnaden clearly score positively in regards to quality and uniqueness. In the most charming shopping street of this city, the Hanseatic merchant tradition is still alive today, and a shopping trip even turns out to be an architectural journey through time into Hamburg's rich history.


Away from the mainstream of international chain stores, the palpable passion for the beautiful and the unique stands in the foreground in this place. In the Colonnaden, especially trendy, artistic, and rare items encounter fashionable originals, curious connoisseurs, and lovers of the exclusive style. Discoverer's hearts will find tailor-made shoes, fashionable chic, home accessories, jewelry design, art, outdoor equipment, stationery, health products, trips, and much more here. Furthermore, the multifaceted range of services offered cover the everyday requirements.


Surrounded by the historical architecture of the Colonnaden, cafés and restaurants invite you to Hamburg's longest summer terrace, and spread the typical Venetian flair. Whether it is for a culinary break from shopping during the warm season, or the stopping off in the elaborate atmosphere of the original and genuine parlors after the season, the Hamburger traditional dishes, the good fish, and the Italian or Asian cuisine are always recommendable.


In the opera district, between Jungfernstieg (Binnenalster) and Planten un Blomen, the Colonnaden lie as an avant-garde gem. In the middle of Hamburg's city, just a stone's throw away from the inner city bustle.