The Colonnaden – Hamburg's boulevard of splendor 
  in the heart of the city

A world of pleasure and experiences in the Colonnaden

The Colonnaden, the most charming shopping street in the city of Hamburg, unify ambitious shopping wishes with art, culture, and individual lifestyle – away from the bustle, but yet right in the middle of Hamburg's city center!


The historically protected pedestrian zone from 1877, with its historic arcades and decorated houses from the Gründerzeit, is more than just an architectural specialty.


In the owner-managed shops you will find product ranges beyond the mainstream. Whether it is the trends of tomorrow, the fashion of today, or nostalgic items from the past – your shopping here will turn into a unique tour of discovery. Huge product diversity reveals itself to ambitious and curious customers, containing everything that combines living, the sophisticated life, and working with style and individuality.


Already upon entering the shops, worlds of pleasure unfold in pure originality and un-duplicable atmosphere. On the cosmos of choice wines, spirits, pipes, or tobacco products, the young, experienced, and qualified personnel captures with curiosities of merchandise knowledge, while the customers blow smoke from Colombian cigars over the counter or enjoy some good sample drops in approval.


In the Colonnaden, the Hanseatic merchant tradition is upheld to this day. Here, the highest quality and personal, style-conscious advice make the difference.


As Hamburg's longest summer terrace, the Colonnaden spread their Venetian flair, especially on the four Sundays in the year on which they are open for business, as well as with Venetian Masked Magic in January/February and with antiques markets on selected Sundays in summer.


During the warm seasons, the Colonnaden feel just like the Piazza San Marco, without the bothersome tourist bustle. The grand boulevard smells of espresso, and its numerous street cafés and restaurants reflect the Dolce Vita alla Italia. Meanwhile, the artistic bronze fountain by Detlef Birgfeld cools the hot air around the Gustav-Mahler-Platz, the center of the Colonnaden.